Monday, November 5, 2012

EPUB Protector v1.0

EPUB Protector is a new way to protect EPUB files (ebooks) with password. EPUB format is based on ZIP format. EPUB Protector extracts raw files from EPUB file, and then adds password when repackaging raw files into new EPUB file. When your recipients get your protected EPUB file, they need to use EPUB Protector to type correct password in order to open protected file. Finally they can have a quick look or open unprotected file using iBooks or other EPUB readers.

★ Support EPUB Version 2.0 or 3.0
★ Import EPUB file from Google Drive or Email
★ Input password to protect EPUB file
★ Revert EPUB file (remove password)
★ Read contents of the imported books
★ Open EPUB file using iBooks or other EPUB readers
★ Email EPUB file
★ Upload EPUB file to Google Drive

WARNING: Since it is NOT EPUB standard, general EPUB readers cannot read protected file directly. Please use EPUB Protector to unprotect the file first. It is also not a Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution.